13/9/2020 [Book of John: Lesson 45]                                                                                                                                                                         www.lifechurchmissions.com  


Jesus Wept < John 11:33-44>


1. The probable reason why Jesus cried <v33-35>

1) Because HE was filled with compassion after seeing Mary and the Jews crying

2) Because HE lost a close friend, Lazarus

3) Because HE saw how the souls of men were terribly lost


2.  Why must we have faith? <v40> 

* The resurrection of Lazarus didn't happen because of man’s faith, but rather through God’s    

   decisive will

* Only faith can enable us to see the glory of God


3. Lazarus, come out! <v43>

1) Symbolizes the born again of believers

2) Symbolizes the future resurrection of believers


3. Take off the grave clothes and let him go <v44>

* Maybe a person is born again, but there remains a lot of old bondages in his life and living

* What man can do, God will not help him do