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Do not let your hearts be troubled <Jn 14:1-4>


Introduction: Farewell Discourse <Jn 14-17>

1The Peace given by the Lord <Jn14:1-31>

2The Union we have with the Lord <Jn 15:1-17>

3The World will hate us <Jn 15:18 - 16:33>

4The High Priestly Prayer <Jn 17:1-26>


Read <Jn14:1-4>

1. The Problem of the World. <v1>

No one can be without trouble.

No one can resolve the deep problem of being troubled.

* Only through entering into a relationship with Christ by believing in Him will we be able to eliminate the root of troubledness.


2. Many dwelling places & to prepare a place. <v2>

The Universal element of Christianity.

How does the Lord prepare a place for us?


3. The Lord will truly come for us. <v3>

Read <1 Thes 4:15-17>

In all forms of trouble, we must comfort each other with the second coming of the Lord.

Heaven is heaven, only because the Lord Jesus is with us.


4. What we believe will be in congruent with the way we go. <v3-4>