21/2/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 61]                                                                                                         www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love <Jn 15:9-17>


1. The Father Love and Son, the Son love us. <v9>

* The love without beginning and end.

* The love that is most personal and never separated.

* The love that is without measure.

* The love that never changes.

*** No one has ever know this love, but the Son has made it known.


2. Love and Obedience goes together. <v10>

* Those who do not obey the Lord's commands will not be able to enjoy His Love.


3. Relative Situation, Absolute Joy. <v11>


4. <John 15:12>

1) The love of the Lord will not stop at one person, but will be passed on.

2) Loving one another is a commandment, not sentiment.


5. <John 15:13-15>

1) Identity changes from servant to that of a friend, who indeed understood the Lord’s will.

2) Yet, a Christian is both the Lord’s friend and servant.

3) Not a faith that only refrain from sinning, but one that is brought to active obedience.


6. The worker who is known by the Lord and who knows the Lord <v16>

1) God chooses, God appoints.

2) Bear Fruits that will last.

3) Will receive whatever you ask in Jesus’ name.


7. A fellowship which truly love one another. <v17>