11/4/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 67]                                                                                                         www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


The Lord Jesus Prays for His Disciples (1) : Father, protect them. <Jn 17:6-12>



1. The Weighty Vocation of the Disciples.

2. Those whom the Lord elects, He also protects.

3. Only the Truth can sanctify men.

Read <Jn 17:6-12>


1. <Jn 17:6>

1) Those whom the Father gave to the Son - The Elect.

2) God’s Name = His whole character.

3) The Lord came to seek and save His Elect.


2. <Jn 17:7-8> The Characteristic of the Elect - Accept and Obey the Lord’s Word.


3. <Jn 17:9> The Exclusivity of Jesus’ Prayer - Only for the Disciples HE has chosen.


4. <Jn 17:10> The Lord will receive glory through the Elect


5. <Jn 17:11>

1) The World is the Elect’s Enemy.

2) The Lord Jesus is going to the Father.

3) The Lord Jesus ask the Father to Protect the Elect.


6. <Jn 17:12>

1) Of those elected, no one has been lost.

2) Judas - The one doomed to destruction.