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Understanding God’s will in Crisis. <Jn 18:1-11>


Read <Jn 18:11-11>


1. <Jn 18:1> Kidron Valley is connected to the drainage system of the temple, which is now filled with the fresh blood of animal sacrifice.

1) The Joy of the Lord Jesus.

2) The Lord Jesus hopes this joy can fill the hearts of the disciples.


2. <Jn 18:2> Gethsemane - The place where Jesus always prayed to the Father, is also the place He was arrested.


3. <Jn 18:3> Judas did not know Jesus.

Judas did not know the nature of Jesus

Judas did not know the power of Jesus


4. <Jn 18:4> Who is it you want?


5. <Jn 18:5> I am he = Ego Eimi


6. <Jn 18:6> They drew back and fell to the ground.

How is this power manifested?


7. <Jn 18:7-9> The Lord sacrificed Himself to save the disciples.

Read <Jn 17:12>


8. <Jn 18:10> Peter used the sword.

Read < Lk 22:36-38>


9. <Jn 18:11> Difference between how Jesus and Peter faced Crisis.

1) Jesus willingly drank the cup given by the Father.

2) Peter was provoked by flesh, instead of being convicted by the Spirit.