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Complicated Matters in Marriage (2) - Spousal Sexual Life <1 Cor 7:4-5>


Read:1 Cor 7:4-5


1. The main principle of not depriving each other.

* Satan has set up two plots in the sexual life of man.

Tempt a person to enter sexual relations outside marriage.

Cause a person to neglect sexual relations within marriage.


2. The main obstacle of spousal sexual life

1) Male - Impotency

2) Female - Frigidity

* These two problems are not absolute, but they can paralyze sexual activity.


3. The problem of fear and guilt in unhealthy sexual life


4. The way to resolve

1) Only love can drive out fear.

2) Receive forgiveness from guilt that comes from sexual sins.

3) Lastly, spouse must help each other overcome each other’s sexual hurdles.