30/5/2021 [Family Message 12]                                                                                                              www.lifechurchmissions.com                    

The Family who truly loves the Lord will recover all that is lost.
<2 Kings 4:8-28; 8:1-6>


Read <2 Kings 4:8-28; 8:1-6>


1. The Shunammite woman loves the Lord.

1) Recognize the Holy Servant of God (Individual blessedness).

2) Brought the grace of God to her husband (Family blessedness).

3) Prepare what is of utmost needed for the ministry of God’s servant (Regional and World blessedness).


2. The Lord bestows His grace to the Shunammite woman.

1) The Lord blessed her with what was surprisingly unexpected.

2) In the midst of this, the trial of gain and loss befall.

3) All things work for the good for those who love the Lord.


3. The important conclusion to hold on to while praying for family.

1) No family problem is absolute.

2) As long we continue to love and trust the Lord, we will definitely see His faithfulness.

3) Use everything in our temporal family to bless our eternal family.