11/7/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 76]                                                                                                                                            www.lifechurchmissions.com                    

The tomb of the Lord Jesus is empty! <Jn 20:1-10>


* Two kinds of unbelief

1) Only believe the scientific natural law, and thus do not believe the truth.

2) Only care about what is helpful to him personally, and thus do not care about truth.


Read <Jn 20:1-10>


1. <Jn 20:1>

* The Lord resurrected on the first day of the week.

* Who is Mary Magdalene?

Read <Luke 8:2>


2. <Jn 20:2> Mary Magdalene thought the Lord’s body is removed by men.


3. <Jn 20:3-4> Two disciples who love the Lord extremely - Peter and John.


4. <Jn 20:5> John did not enter the tomb at first.


5. <Jn 20:6-7> The evidences that the Lord’s body was not taken away by men.

* The legend of “Shroud of Turin”.


6. <Jn 20:8> John saw and believed.


7. <Jn 20:9-10> 3 disciples saw the same evidences, but their hearts reacted differently.