22/8/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 82]                                                                                                                                            www.lifechurchmissions.com                    

The Lord Jesus said: "You must follow me!” <Jn 21:20-25>



1. Be careful of 2 things when evangelizing and shepherding.

1) Do not be more passive than God.

2) Do not be more zealous than God.


2. The Lord’s power and help lies in His guidance.

Read <Jn 21:20-25>


<Jn 21:20> Instead of looking upon the Lord, Peter directed his focus on John.


<Jn 21:21> The common weaknesses of disciples: Either comparison or take each other as standard.


<Jn 21:22> Christian Living which follows the Lord

1) Why did believers always miss following the Lord?

Because rely on experiences or feelings.

Because only pursue knowledge.

Because over-emphasize on formalities.

Because seek miracles.


2) What is following the Lord?

Incarnation - He explained, taught, lived out and fulfilled every Word.

Through FAITH in the Word Christ revealed.

Ultimately, have to OBEY what he has believed.


3) <Jn 21:23> God has prepared the unique way for everyone of us.


4) <Jn 21:24> We are all witnesses.


5) <Jn 21:25> The Lord’s work is not only limited to the Apostles, but also upon every believer of the Lord.