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The Disciples Devoted Themselves to Prayer with One Accord. <Ac1:12-15>




1) "Relationship" that fulfils world evangelism.

2) "Prayer" that fulfils world evangelism.


Read: <Ac 1:12-15>


<Ac 1:12>: The disciples obeyed the Lord and did not leave Jerusalem.

* Why must the Holy Spirit come upon the disciples in Jerusalem?


<Ac 1:13>: The place where 120 disciples were at: Mark's upper room.


Read: <Ac 12:12>


<Ac 1:13-15>:

1. The "relationship" given by God to fulfil the Great Commission.

1) Peter as the leader of the apostles.


2) The new brothers in Christ replaced kinship.


3) Names of the women.


4) Regardless of their conditions or background, they were all united because of Christ.


2. The "prayer" given by the Lord to fulfil the Great Commission.

1) Praying with one accord.


2) Praying devotedly.