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Matthias Chosen as the 12th apostle. <Ac1:15-26>




* The meaning behind the choosing the 12th apostle

1) Complete Number

2) Authorization


Read <Ac 1:15-26>


<Ac 1:15> The Lord has revealed that Peter will be the leader of the apostles, but He did not give him the title of "pope".


<Ac 1:16> Prophecy concerning Judas

1) David's "Messianic Psalm" predicted Judas' betrayal.

2) However Judas' betrayal is not prompted by prophecy, but originated from the evil in his heart.


<Ac 1:17>Judas lived in grace, but rejected grace.

* The example of Judas brought about 2 truths.

1) Not all those who lived in the fellowship of grace will automatically be saved.

2) On the Day of Judgment, no one can argue that the Lord did not give him a chance.


<Ac 1:18-19>

1) The pattern of Judas' death.

2) Judas used the payment for his wickedness to buy a field.

3) The field became known as "field of blood".

* Ask: How do we view Judas' sin?


<Ac 1:20> The end of those who are evil and treacherous.

Read <Ps 109:8>


<Ac 1:21-22> Apostles' complete number and authorization.

Read <Ac 4:33>


<Ac 1:23-26> Those who receive the apostolic appointments are ultimately chosen by Lord Jesus.

1) First, out of the 120, two were chosen based on Peter's criteria (Barsabbas and Matthias).

2) However, only the Lord knows how much grace a person receives in his heart.

3) In the end, it is through the casting of lots to allow the Lord to choose.

Ask: Can we cast lots to choose church leaders today?