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The Gospel which Makes People Happy is the Most Erroneous Gospel. <Ro 1:18; 3:10-12; 5:1; Ac 2:37, 40, 46>


1. The real problem of human sin.

1People of the world know they have sin, but they do not realize the severe damage sin has brought upon themselves.


2The sin Bible talks about makes us understand what the real problem is.


3Thus, the gospel mainly wants to resolve the problem of us rebelling against God.


2. Therefore, can a gospel which makes us happy truly reconcile us to God?

1Only those who truly repent can be truly happy.


2Today, there are many gospels which make people happy, but cannot make people repent.


3The gospel that makes people happy will certainly not bring about the joy and relationship of holiness.


3. Then, how can we preach the gospel to this sinful world?

1Many people mistakenly assume that people are easily attracted to positive things.


2The gospel also does not only talks about the negative, but it must present the reality brought about by sin.


3Ultimately, we must firmly believe that it is God Himself who brings people to Him.