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In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Walk!

* <Ac 2:42-47> depicts a picture of the church living in serenity
* Yet the church is not centred on seeking peace, but on being led by the Holy Spirit
* The Holy Spirit will certainly:
1Refine the church.
2Lead the church to accomplish the Great Commission.
* <Rev 12> - The great red dragon wanted to devour the child (Christ) the woman gave birth to, and wanted to sweep the woman (Church) away.
* <Ac 3-8> How the Jerusalem Church was attacked by enemies:
1<Ac 3-4> - As they were preaching the gospel, the apostles were persecuted and threatened.
2<Ac 5> - In the church, there was incident of lying to the Holy Spirit.
3<Ac 6> - There were various internal problems within the church, the apostles decided to give their attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.

4<Ac 7-8> - Stephen was martyred, the church faced great persecution, but from then on, the gospel was spread outside of Jerusalem.
** Think about it: Are the churches in cities today prepared to face such persecution? Or are they already tempted by Babylon (adulteress)?
** But the Lord loves His church, and will act to refine the church.

Read <Ac 3:1-10>

1. <Ac 3:1> Peter and John who went to the temple to pray.


2. <Ac 3:2> A beggar who was lame from birth sat in front of the magnificent Beautiful Gate.


3. <Ac 3:3-5> Being different from other people, Peter and John wanted to get the attention of the beggar.


4. <Ac 3:6> “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

1Believers today have silver and gold, yet no authority and power to heal people.

2Peter did not give what is second-class to that beggar, but gave him what he truly needed.


5. <Ac 3:7> Real physiological healing is not merely being moved in the spirit.


6. <Ac 3:8> After the beggar was healed:

1He went with the apostles into the temple.

2He used the legs healed by God to walk and jump, praising God.

Ponder: Will all our sicknesses and handicaps be healed in the name of Jesus?

Is <Isa 53:5> an absolute promise of the Bible? How should it be interpreted?


7. <Ac 3:9-10>

1The greater the suffering and shame, the more people would be filled with wonder and amazement after the person was healed.

2The way and timing of a persons healing all lie in the will of God.