23/1/2022 [Year of Restoring and Holding Fast to Sound Doctrine 4]                                                                                                                www.lifechurchmissions.com  

Living Before the Face of God <Num 6:22-27; Mt 6:1-6; 16-18>


1.  Who can come before the face of God?

1Only when God Himself first turns His face toward us, then we can see Him

The blessing of God turning His face toward us tells us three truths:

(1) God’s original intent is to bless His people; He is also willing for the leaders of His people to pray before God for such blessing for His people

(2) God wants His people to know that all blessings come from God. If not for God’s blessings, not one blessing will come upon His people

(3) God wants His people to know that His blessing is not anything else (good harvest, victory over enemies, smooth-sailing in everything, etc.), but it is God lifting His countenance upon them.


2Only by faith can one see the face of God


3But who is the one who truly believes?


2.  Live before the face of God and receive the reward from God

1The Lord said, “Be careful”


2The temptation to act before men


3The Father, who sees our good deeds done in secret, will reward us


3.  Finally, living before the face of God is certainly not being detached from reality

1Living before the face of God in the living fields which God has placed us


2Those who live before the face of God will naturally shine their light before others


3Those who live before the face of God will surely not neglect the Great Commission