Repent and Turn to God, so that Your Sins may be Wiped Out



* Repentance must come together with faith

* Repentance turns a person from self, faith turns a person to God

* Preaching is not to speak a message that people already “knew”, but to call them to submit to God


Read <Ac 3:17-26>


1. <v17-18> 

1Peter did not mean to accuse everyone, but to call them to repentance

2Did the ignorance of the people mean that they were without sin?

3Through human evil, God accomplished great salvation


2. <v19-21>

1Repent and turn to God

* Read <Isa 53:5; Gen 50:20>

2Times of refreshing may come from the Lord

3Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything


3. <v22-23> Moses’ prophecy

* Read <Deut 18:15>

* That prophet is the Messiah (Christ Jesus) who already came.


4. <v24> Prophecies of all the prophets beginning with Samuel

* Read <2 Sam 7:16>

* The fulfilment of the promise concerning David’s kingdom comes through the Messiah


5. <v25> Prophecy given to Abraham

* Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.

* Read <Gal 3:29>

* Read <Ro 9:6-7>

* Since the beginning of history, those whom God wants to win over are people who are justified by faith, not Abraham’s physical offspring


6. <v26> Through Christ, God wants to turn each of you from your wicked ways