13/2/2022 [Thematic Message 140]                                                                                                                                                              www.lifechurchmissions.com


Leading a Life of Submission <1 Pe 2:12 – 3:1>


1. What does the Bible teach about Christian submission to authority? 

1) Submission to authority is not restricted to certain situations, nor is it according to our desires, but it is done for the Lord

2) Submit out of respect, not out of fear 

3) In submission, the most important thing is to receive God’s approval and commendation


2. Christ has left behind the perfect example of submission on earth 

1) We were called to follow in Christ’s steps <1 Pe 2:21> 

2) In His suffering, Christ did not retaliate, but entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly <1 Pe 2:22-23>

3) Because of Christ’s submission, we can live for righteousness and be healed <1 Pe 2:24>


3. How do we obey God in situations where it is difficult to submit? 

1) First be clear about what it means to submit to others for the Lord’s sake. 

2) Do not assume that the instructions from those in higher authority are in opposition to God 

3) Submission to one another and the saints