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Peter and John before the Sanhedrin



* A person who can be filled with the Holy Spirit: 

1)    Knows the gospel and does not compromise it

2)    Shares the gospel in season and out of season

3)    Heart is ready to be persecuted for the sake of the gospel 


Read <Ac 4:1-12>


1.  Sadducees 

* Both times they were involved in the persecution of the apostles <Ac 4:1; 5:17>

* Who were they? What were their beliefs?


2. <v2>: They viewed the teachings of the apostles as heresy 


3. <v3-4>: They obstructed the apostles, but they could not obstruct the Word of God

*  Number of men who believed grew to about five thousand

*  Purely the work of the Holy Spirit 

1) At that time, there were few believers

2) Church leaders had no practical experience 

3) Apostles were not rebels 

4) They were opposed by Jewish institutions, systems and powers that had been around for several hundred years.


4. <v5-6>: Those who persecuted Christ, are now persecuting the apostles 


5. <v7> By what power or what name did you do this?


6. <v8> Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit 

* Were there signs of speaking in tongues in <Ac 2:4>? 

* Being filled with the Holy Spirit brings about:

1) Preaching the gospel boldly

2) Eloquence in preaching the gospel

* If a person desires to be filled with the Holy Spirit, is preparatory work needed? 


7. <v9> Wise and sharp words of Peter 


8. <v10> Peter pointed out the sins of the people and Christ whom God exalted


9. <v11> Rejected by men, yet exalted by God 


10. <v12> Salvation is found in no one else…

* The offensive gospel is the only gospel that saves

* Peter turned a “healing” message into a “salvation” message