27/2/2022 [Sunday Message]                                                                                                                                             www.lifechurchmissions.com


Be cautious about indifferent matters. <Mt 16:1,5-12; Mk 8:15; Lk 12:1; Ro14:1,7-10,14-18>

Read < Mt 16:1,5-12; Mk 8:15; Lk 12:1>

1. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees

1) Many times, even believers are focused on the material concerns and the externals.

2) Therefore, be cautious of invasions from false doctrine and hypocrisy

3) Be on guard against pure doctrine and worship coming out from fundamentalism and modernist ideas.


2. In settling apart from the ways of men, we are to be cautious about indifferent matters (adiaphora).

Read <Ro14:1,7-10,14-18>

1) We still have issues of indifference needing spiritual discernment now.

2) Beware of matters of indifference being elevated to the status of the law (on both sides).

3) The problem of substituting and oversimplifying the call to godliness.

4) Be sensitive to indifferent matters, at the same time needing instructions for things that do not count towards the pursuit of godliness.

5) So we won't spend time and resource on our already very busy pursuit of godliness and ministries.