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The unrighteousness shown when Jesus' authority was questioned. <Mat 21:23-27>


Read:<Mat 21:23-27>

1. Jesus was questioned by the chief priests and scribes and elders when He was preaching.

1) They have not been considering the holiness of Jesus.


2) It is important to know that one's calling and commission is from God, but Jesus' majesty had been attested by so many miracles. Read: <Mat 21:23>


3) They had to purposely ignore what is well-known in order to cover their own infidelity.


4) They questioned the authority of Jesus presumptuously and pretentiously.


5) They suppressed the truth by insinuation, and the motive was to ensnare and entangle Jesus.


2. Jesus answered with another question, which is to help them get the answer themselves.

Read: <Mat 21:24>

1) Perception of unrighteousness is necessary, but sheep cannot become wolves; our wisdom comes from learning.


2) Jesus challenged them in turn, because they despised the prophet of God, John the Baptist, and by this to convict them their pretense of ignorance.


3) This question of Jesus was not scheming at all, for if they answered His question, it would answer theirs. Read: <Mat 21:25i>


4) Jesus will not provide proof of His authority to those who are prejudiced against the most important conviction.


5) Jesus did not protect the crafty, and He would speak for the truth.


6) We do not have the liberty to either invent doctrine or sacrament.


3. They knew the truth, but they did not want to admit it, and they were caught in their own trap.

1) Their reasoning was anti-Christ.


2) They consider their own credit, as they fear shame more than they fear sin. Read: <Mat 21:25ii>


3) They consider their own safety, afraid of the people, and studied how to make people fear them. Read: <Mat 21:25iii>


4) They chose to sin in lying, by choosing ignorance, because nobody can prove them false. Read: <Mat 21:26>


5) Thus Christ avoided the snare they laid for him, and justified Himself in refusing to gratify them. Read: <Mat 21:27i>


6) Those who unrighteously suppress the truth they know will not be able to further the knowledge of the truth they desire to pursue. Read: <Mat 21:27ii>