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The Apostles and Disciples Raised Their Voices Together in Prayer



* Many believers pray earnestly, as if that can force God’s hand.

* In matters that we pray more earnestly about, we all the more need to commit the outcome to God.

* In matters that we pray more earnestly about, we all the more need to seriously test and approve how God is answering those prayers.

* Prayers pleasing to the Lord:

1) Acknowledge the sovereignty of God.

2) Acknowledge God’s will in salvation.

3) Pray for grace to do God’s will.


Read <Acts 4:23-31> 


1. <Ac 4:23-24>

1) All disciples prayed together

2) All disciples raised their voices in prayer


2. <Ac 4:24>: Sovereign Lord is the Lord of all things


3. <Ac 4:24-25>: God is the Creator and also Giver of prophecies


4. <Ac 4:26>: The world and God are in opposition to each other <Ps 2:1-2>


5. <Ac 4:27>: Prophecy that has been fulfilled now – Gentiles and Jews conspired against Christ


6. <Ac 4:28>: It is all God’s will

* God creates <v24>; God reveals <v25>; God wills <v28>

* Therefore, do not put your faith, reliance, and expectations on man, but on God


7. <Ac 4:29-30>: The disciples had 3 petitions:

1) Lord, consider their threats

2) Lord, enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness

3) Lord, stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus


8. <Ac 4:31>: Three outcomes from praying

1) Place where they were meeting was shaken (environmental evidence)

2) Disciples were filled with the Spirit again (inner evidence)

3) Spoke the Word of God boldly (life evidence)

<Ac 5:12>: The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people. 


9. Concluding question: Must there be signs and wonders before man can believe?