20/3/2022 [Sunday Message]                                                                                                                                       www.lifechurchmissions.com


Do not despise the power in ChristEph1:18-20,23; 1Co1:18


1. The eyes of your hearts have to be enlightened to understand God's power.

Read: <Eph 1:18>

1) We ought to apply the whole of our mind and heart to understand the hope of our calling.


2) How incomparable are the abundance of our Christian duties!


3) The Church must offer the hope of inheritance and power.


2. To know according to the working of God's mighty power

Read: <Eph 1:19-20>

1) Knowing the power of God, where just one of the works is that we may believe in God.


2) We must not form an adequate concept of the power revealed to us in the Gospel


3) The power must be substantiated, just like how the resurrection of Christ is an outward, public, objective demonstration of God's power.


3. This power is at work in Christ, the head of the church

Read: <Eph 1:20>

1) We are easily hindered in seeing the weakness of the cross in us.


2) The power of our Lord Jesus: glory, immortality, dominion.


3) Christ is unwilling to reckon Himself as complete unless we are joined to Him.

Read: <Eph 1:23>