3/4/2022 [Sunday Message]                                                                                                                           www.lifechurchmissions.com

Don't lose the sense of guilt, and don't lose your heart to seek forgivenessPs130:1-4


1. Why does God allow us be overwhelmed with calamities?

1) So that we may be driven to exercise in prayers.

2) It is more difficult to be certain that God hears our voices than we are to follow God.


2. We should not ignore charges brought against us (from God).

1) Do not lose the sense of guilt.

* Difference between (objective) guilt and (subjective) guilt feelings.


2) God often creates a sense of guilt before we know our sins.

* Do not exaggerate own's achievements, and do not gloss over own faults.


3) There are "sins of commission" and "sins of omission".

* We should not enter the presence of God carelessly, especially when we face a very severe affliction.

* Even the most godly of all should examine themselves.


4) If we are at the mercy of God's wrath, we should seek God's mercy alone.

* Hypocrites think of reducing his own sentence and justifying themselves.


5) Equally in , we should acknowledge that only God can totally account anyone as righteous.

* Various kinds of partial righteousness are made up (prevenient grace, grace from sacraments, tongues, deliverance, etc).


3. The sense of forgiveness from God produces holiness.

1) Everyone agrees that "no man is free from sin", instead few are persuaded of God's free grace but place their hope in man.

* Man has a natural indifference in coming to God to seek forgiveness.


2) Man needs to be awakened by both God's judgment and faith in His forgiveness

* The grace of God is certain and not confused, in suspense or in doubt.


3) God is inclined to forgive, for pardon produces fear, love and duty.

* Sermons must have foundations of willingness produced by God's forgiveness so that there is obedience from the heart.