10/4/2022 [Sunday Message]                                                                                                                                       www.lifechurchmissions.com
Seeking righteousness in the mundane
Ro8:20; Mt6:33; 5:17,20; 5:6; Lk6:21; Is55:1; Dt29:29; Ro13:6–7; 5:3-4; 6:14-15

1. There is nothing new under the sun.
1) A sad truth: everyone seeks fulfilment, having obstacles to Christian growth.

2) But also the truth to bring us to true hope, by seeking the things above.

3) We hear almost nothing about righteousness as a goal of Christian.

4) Do not separate your business and research from the church.


2. The priorities of righteousness - be Christ's representatives.
* Difference between holiness and righteousness?
1) Self-righteousness and seeking righteousness, negative prohibitions vs positive admonitions
(1) Evangelicals in general, because they tend to exclude the relevance of Old Testament law, naturally seek ethical guidance from elsewhere.
(2) Situational Ethics separates God's law from love.
(3) Ethics needs divine revelation as the foundation.

2) The goal of the Christian life is not spirituality, piety, or morality, but righteousness.

(1) The intense hunger and thirst for righteousness and the promise of being satisfied.

(2) The evidences and fruit of justification is righteousness.

(3) Spirituality is the means, righteousness is the goal.


3. The "business" of Christians in this world.
1) Participating in the economies of the mundane.
(1) Seek precepts, not secret things
(2) Holiness as goal of creation
(3) Pinnacle of creation = seventh day, the Lord's day

2) Endure suffering for doing good, for endurance produces character and as Christ's witness.

3) Duty and Honor, be a man of principle, character and honesty.

4) Grace is far more powerful than the law in motivating us to do right.