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The Neutrality of Gamaliel and the Firmness of the Apostles



* About Gamaliel:

- “Rabban” – Our teacher

- Teacher of Saul (Paul) of Tarsus

- Grandson of Hillel

* Gamaliel had a neutral stand

* Although he saved the lives of the apostles, he did not recognise the truth

* Sometimes, the higher the status the greater the pressure, such that people cannot see God’s will clearly

* When God gives us high position, we have certain responsibility toward God

* The reason why the Lord no longer cared about the Jewish nation was very much related to the corruption of its leaders


Read <Ac 5:33-42>


1. <v33> The Jewish leaders wanted to kill the apostles

* People who refused to repent before the truth would naturally want to destroy the truth


2. <v34> The reason why Luke mentioned Gamaliel

1To illustrate that the most esteemed teacher of Israel would also not witness for the truth

2Before being born again, Paul – the main character of the Book of Acts, was under his tutelage 


3. <v35> Gamaliel took a cautious approach


4. <v36-39> Cited the fate of two rebels as examples


2Judas the Galilean

* Is the “laissez-faire approach” proposed by Gamaliel in line with God’s word?

* In history, do we see that everything that came from men failed, but whatever came from God succeeded?

* Is being permissive God-driven?


5. <v40> Although the apostles were freed, they were flogged

 <2 Co 11:24>: Five times I received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one.


6. <v41> The apostles rejoiced because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name of the Lord.


7. <v42> The apostles preached the gospel unswervingly