15/5/2022 [Family Month Message 4]                                                     www.lifechurchmissions.com 


Taking Care of Aged and Ailing Parents <1 Ti 5:4; Heb 10:25; Ro 15:1; Gal 6:2; Ps 92:12-14>


1   Believers should honor our parents.

1   This is God’s instruction, this is also pleasing to God.

         <1 Ti 5:4>


2   Now is the best time for children to honor our parents.


2   What we must know is, what do our elderly parents need?

1   The most common yet unknown issue of elderly parents is loneliness.


2   Everyone needs practical relationships

    Relationship with family members;

    Relationship with friends or brethren;

    Relationship with God.

         <Heb 10:25>


3   Caring for aged and ailing parents not out of duty but love.


3   What are the challenges and rewards of caring for aged and ailing parents?

1   Challenges of caring for aged and ailing parents

   Having to face parents’ stubbornness and hardness

    Having to face parents who have hurt you before

* Look to God, do it by facing God!


2   In the process of taking care of aged and ailing parents, what rewards can we gain?

   For the children

         <Ro 15:1; Gal 6:2>

    For the parents

<Ps 92:12-14>