22/5/2022 [Family Month Message 5]                                                                                                                                                                www.lifechurchmissions.com  


God Created Man and Woman in His Own Image <Gen 1:1-4,27; 2:18, 23-24>


1.  Family starts from marriage

1The fallen culture of this world first attacks the marriage instituted by God


2God ordained three key principles for marriage

(1) The Lord of marriage – Christ

(2) The union of man and woman

(3) The differences between man and woman, the love between man and woman


2.   The problem of belittling, misunderstanding and misapplying the principles of marriage

1Do not belittle God-ordained principles of marriage

Four key factors to prevent juvenile delinquency: (1) the father’s teachings must be firm, fair and consistent; (2) the mother must clearly know the whereabouts of the children, and tries her best to spend more time with them; (3) the children need to see the parents displaying love to each other and to the children; (4) families which often spend time together.


2Do not misunderstand God-ordained principles of marriage


3Do not misapply God-ordained principles of marriage


3.  Christian families must be set apart from the fallen world