22/5/2022 [Family Month Message 6]                                                                                                                                                                www.lifechurchmissions.com  


The Spousal Relationship of Mutual Submission <Eph 5:21-22, 25; 1 Cor 7:3-5; Song 2:8-10, 16; 5:2-16>


1. Submission in a marriage 

1) Although the two persons have different roles, they are in mutual submission

2) Why in a relationship of mutual submission, the husband needs to lead, while the wife needs to submit?

(1) Reason of role

(2) Reason of love

(3) Reason of testimony 


2. Walk towards the marriage designed by God (Love depicted in Song of Songs)

1) Husband’s leadership of the wife

2) Wife’s admiration of the husband 

3) Practical problems encountered by husband and wife


3. Only the Lord of marriage can empower us to mutual submission 

1)  Couple’s lifelong lesson of submission 

2)  Couple’s lives must be filled with the Holy Spirit