The turning of heart and mind to the BibleMt21:1-5; Jn10:35; Jn1:14; Jn8:14; Jer6:13-14; Lk21:12,15; Ro15:4; 1Pe2:2


1. The peculiarity of the Bible bearing witness to itself.

1) There are instances where Jesus even intervened to fulfil the prophecy of the Scripture.

Read <Mat21:1-5>

2) Jesus Himself Confesses the Bible is true.

Read <Jn10:35>

3) Jesus is Himself the Word of God Incarnate.

Read <Jn1:14; 8:14>


2. We must get the prophecy of Scripture right.

1) Discerning the Word of true prophets and false prophets.

Read <Jer6:13-14>

2) The confirmation of the word would not have been so complete without persecutions.

Read <Lk21:12; 21:15>


3. Scripture is therefore, for subduing the rebellion of the flesh in subjection to God's will.

1) We need the fervency for God, for yielding to the authority of Scriptures.

2) For any scriptural passage that makes you uncomfortable, if you experience turning of hearts of mind, that is repentance.

3) Devote yourself to the study of scriptures.

Read <Ro15:4; 1Pe2:2>