26/6/2022 [Family Month Message 6]                                                                                                                                                                www.lifechurchmissions.com  

How we should accept the commands in the Bible
1Jn4:20-5:3; Ro7:14; Ps19:10; Ps130:4; Php 4:4


1. The authority of the bible and the commands in it

1) Test how much we accept the authority of the bible

2) The bible contains far more wisdom


2. How can we love God and keep His commands?

Read1Jn 4:20-5:3

1) Test how you love God, and test how you keep God's commands

* Our love for God must express itself in obedience to His requirements

* If God's commands are so important, are we still saved by works? Yes, but by the works of Christ.


2) His commandments are not burdensome?

ReadRo 7:14; Ps 19:10

* Where His Spirit has renewed, the law is more desirable than gold, sweeter than honey

ReadPs 130:4
* The forgiveness by God the Father enables us to fear His commands


3. But how can we obey the commands to rejoice, thank and praise God?

ReadPhp 4:4

* Ultimately, the commands in the bible are designed to renew our minds for transformation