Holy Spirit and ServingJn14:16-17; 14:1, 16:7; Eph4:3-7


1. Role and function of Holy Spirit.

1) A Person: Creation, Spirit of Truth, Regenerate saints, Illuminates, Empowers.


2) Another dimension of the work of the Spirit: give another Paraclete (Counselor) to stand beside you when you fear.

Read <Jn 14:16-17>

* Root word of both Paraclete and Ecclesia (Church) = kaleo = call

Read<Jn 14:1; Jn 16:7>


2. Apostle's Creed: I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints..

* When the Spirit works in the individual's life, He always puts him and guides him to a community


3. Church = Communion of Saints

1) We actually do not really know God's truth and the Holy Spirit if we do not face the reality of church living.


2) Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit

Read <Eph 4:3-7>


3) Organization of a church and being God-driven

(1) Preaching

(2) Operation: the Local and Practical Ministries