Sunday Message 31/7/2022 (Session 2)


Relationship Between Believers and the Church

<Ac 2:44-47, 13:22; Ga 2:20; Jn 16:33>


1.    Incorrect or unusual relationship between believers and the church

1)     Believers did not connect their work, family, interests, assets, etc. to the church

*        Family is family, church is church


2)      Believers spend too much time in church

*        Neglected the family, leading to their resentment


3)      Believers treat the church as a club or place of refuge

*        Enjoy fellowship and the atmosphere, but not attracted to the Word of God

*        Only want to receive the comfort and companionship of others, but do not seek the guidance and help of God


4)      Believers have excessive and harsh demands of others

*        They love the Lord very much and are willing to sacrifice all, but at the same time, expect others to do the same.


2.    From the early church’s example of believers gathering daily, receive the lessons that God wants to give us.

1)      Why did the believers in the early church have such great transformation?

*        From denying the Lord thrice and faces downcast, to meeting together every day and having everything in common <Ac 2:44-47>


2)      Do we envy and look forward to the lives of early church believers, who met at the temple courts daily with unity? 

*        Are you a man after God’s heart?

*        Example of King David

*        <Gal 2:20>


3.    What evidences will there be for a believer (or family) who is after God’s heart?

1)      Plans his life, leads his family, perceives all things based on the church teachings

*        Not neglect the family, but lead the family in the respective God-ordained roles

*        Know the purpose of doing everything


2)      When a person encounters all kinds of problems, how should he live his life centred on the teachings of the church?

*        The greater the trial and as problems increase, the believer must all the more rely on the Lord for victory.

*        <Jn 16:33; Mt 16:24>


3)      How should believers practically walk this heavenward journey?

     Not escape from problems     

     Willing to be equipped

     Join a suitable cell group

     Show concern for others, intercede for all

     Focus on the salvation of people

     Willing to be involved in church’s ministries