We must know sin, then we can serveLk6:31-36; 1Pe4:7-11; Ro5:20


1. What is sin?

Read <Lk 6:31-36>

1) Sin is a debt


2) An expression of enmity


3) Depicted as a crime


2. Serving is actually training in righteousness.

Read <1Pe 4:7-11>

*Destiny, moral, doctrine, duty, suffering

1) Debt: a failure to keep moral obligations à God is sovereign à blessings, glory


2) Enmity against God à Obey what God commands (love God love men) à love covers all sins.


3) A transgression against the law of God, missing the target, missing the point à obedience to the will of God to make things work out.


3. Where there is an increase of transgression, how can grace abounded all the more?

Read <Ro 5:20>

* When sin is overcome and teachings are learned from it.