8/1/2023 [The Year of Discerning What is Best, and Being Pure and Blameless 2]                                                                                                    www.lifechurchmissions.com  


In Circumstances that Easily Interfere with Our Discernment <Php 1:12-14, 18; 2:12-16; 3:17-20; 4:10-13> 


1. The four types of real and challenging circumstances 

1)  Sufferings from sharing the gospel 

2)  Circumstances that are prone to grumbling and conflicts 

3) Facing the enemies of the cross of Christ

4) Facing personal challenges 


2. Important factors to help us discern what is best in these circumstances 

1)  Put God at the centre to discern what is best 

2)  Important to observe the examples of blessed people 

3)  Blessedness of personal prayer life


3. Only those who know how to discern what is best can be joyful