I will strike down the Shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered. <Mt 26:31-35; Mk 14:27-31; Lk 22:31-38>


Read <Mat 26:31; Lk 22:31-32; Mat 26:31-32; Lk 22:33-34; Mat 26:33-35; Lk 22:35-38>


1. God will strike the shepherds, but Satan will sift you.

1) Do not take light of Satan, for he will sift the disciples. <Mat 26:31; Lk 22:31-32>


2) The sifting is not meant to refine but for them to be offended by the gospel truth.


3) But we do have an assurance, for it is God who strikes the chief Shepherd, the shepherds and the sheep. <Mat 26:31>

(1) The pastoral office is struck.

(2) The Redeemer disgraced, an extreme temptation.

(3) But greater is the grace of God manifested when they can be gathered.

(4) The truth is that Christ will lead them after resurrection.

<Mat 26:32>


2. The specious belief of Peter and the disciples.

1) The boasting of Peter. <Mat 26:33-34>


2) But doesn't Peter have the right to hope for God's promise?


3) Peter's two errors: not rely promise, no consideration of power.


4) The middle of two faulty extremes: trust and obey with fear and trembling, God who is at work in us. <Php 2:12-13>

* How we should face temptations.


5) Know yourself and the actual situation in order to be reasonable.

<Mat 26:35>


3. Accepting the word of God is accepting the Spirit of God

1Grace was given for equipping and gaining courage. <Lk 22:35>


2) Warnings of the cross the disciples must bear, and thus make sacrifices for the church. <Lk 22:36>


3) At that time, Christ was not yet but must be offered as a sacrifice for sin. <Lk 22:37>


4) But Jesus revealed God's counsel before the disciples' shameful ignorance.

<Lk 22:38>