Sunday Message, 26/2/2023, 11.30am


Know the Immutable Attribute of God

<Jas 1:17; Ps 135:15-17; Ro 5:8; Eph 3:18; Deu 6:25; Ps 119:172; 2Co 5:21>



·       <Jas 1:17> says, “… who does not change like shifting shadows.

·       Unlike humans, God will not change easily.

·       Because God does not change, we are confident that the gospel we have accepted and are preaching is true.

·       But the devil, Satan, often makes us doubt God’s word.

·       Since God does not change, how does it affect us?


1.    God is the only true God.

1)   He is the God who creates something out of nothing.

·       God used His word to create all things.

·       Whatever God said was fulfilled.

·       God is still using His word to work, because He is a God who does not slumber.


2)   God detests idols and false gods.

·       Read <Ps 135:15-17>.

·       We must ponder over two questions:

① Will man treat even the true God as his idol?
② Why does God not want people to worship idols (false gods)?

·       <Jas 1:17>  “Every good and perfect gift is from above…”

2.    God is love.

1)   How great exactly is God’s love?

·       Read <Ro 5:8; Eph 3:18>.

·       Christ’s love is wide, long, high and deep.

① God’s love is eternal.
② God’s love can embrace all sinners.

③ God’s love can bring us to the kingdom of heaven.

④ God’s love can forgive all transgressions.


2)   We must have the right understanding of sin.

·       The more a person understands that he is limited, insignificant and weak, the more he can appreciate the great love of God.

·       Man cannot boast.


3.    God’s righteousness, God’s holiness.

1)   What is the righteousness of God?

·       God Himself is the standard of righteousness.

·       Read <Deu 6:25; Ps 119:172>.

·       There is no way man can perfectly obey all of God’s instructions in his living and conduct.

·       Read <2 Co 5:21>.

·       How does justification by faith relate to or affect our daily living?


2)   What is the holiness of God?

·       “Be holy, because I am holy” (Ref. <Lev 19:2; 1Pe 1:16; Isa 43:15; Rev 15:4>).

·       In the Old Testament, people must be cleansed before they could meet the holy God.

·       Now, Lord Jesus has cleansed us.

·       However, born-again persons must go through a long process of sanctification.


3)   God’s righteousness and His holiness go hand in hand.

·       A holy life has nothing to do with a person’s spiritual cultivation and character.

·       Christian faith is by no means a religion that only teaches people to do good.