Sunday Message, 30/4/2023, 9.30am


Are You Willing to Bear the Cost of Following Christ?

<Mt 8:18-20; Mk 8:34-35; Mt 10:35-37; Php 3:7-8; Jn 6:66-69>



·       No one would be willing to do a thankless task.

·       However, parents will usually do anything for their children without expecting any returns.

·       Likewise, our Father in heaven also loves us unconditionally, and sent His Son to sacrifice His life for us.

·       Yet, as children of God, are we willing to offer everything to the Lord?

·       Do we follow God sincerely, or because we have no better option?

·       We should think about how deep exactly is our relationship with God?


Read <Mt 8:18-20>


1.    Do you know what is the cost of following the Lord?

Read <Mk 8:34>


1)   Must deny oneself, and take up own cross

Read <Mk 8: 35>


2)   Conflicts may appear between you and your loved ones

·       Read <Mt 10:35-37>


2.    Why do you want to follow God?

1)   Are you willing to consider everything as garbage and loss?

·       Read <Php 3:7-8>

·       What is the thing you value most?


2)   Are you willing to leave everything behind to follow the Lord?

  By faith, trust in God’s every guidance
  Break away from the old way of the written code, and live by the new way of the Spirit


3)   In Christ, are there truly words of eternal life?

·       Read <Jn 6:66-69>


3.    How can we strengthen our relationship with God?

1)   Know God through His word


2)   Know God through walking with Him


3)   Know God through interacting and living with other people

  God’s guidance on everyone is different
  When living with people, need the wisdom from God