28/5/2023 [Family Message 4]                                                                                                                                                                               www.lifechurchmissions.com  


How to Face Family Members with Mental Distress or Abnormalities? <Mk 9:15-24; 1 Sa 16:14-23>


1. The faith in the Lord of the family members supporting those with mental distress

1) Our unbelief and helplessness will worsen the conditions of those with mental distress

2) Our strong spirituality can continuously influence our family members


2. Methods adopted by family members to support those with mental distress

1)  The limitations of treatment methods in the field of psychology

① Firstly, we still do not know the precise cause of mental disorders

② Also, the number of people with mental distress are increasing and the demand for treatments exceed the supply.

2)  Appropriately consider the medical solutions, but do not be over-reliant on them.

3) Ultimately, family members must bring those with mental distress before God, so that they can be born-again and meet God


3. How do we view Christians who suffer from mental distress?

1) Many people misunderstood that if they have mental distress, it means they have a problem with their spiritual life

2) Testimony of Charles Spurgeon

3) Know not just the victory of the Lord, but also the suffering of the Lord