20/9/2020 [Book of John: Lesson 46]                                                                                                                                                                         www.lifechurchmissions.com  


The Jewish Leaders use Man’s authority to plot against Jesus
< John 11:45-57>


1. The Resurrection of Lazarus differentiates those who believe and those who do not


2.  The Pharisees’ mentality which is in enmity with God <v47-48> 

1) Initially in hostility with Jesus because not convinced that HE is the Christ, yet now in greater hostility with Him because they are convinced, HE is the Christ.

Symbolizes church leaders who teach Christ/Bible for personal gains.

2) Only concerned about the external temple, yet lost the whole temple which they most cherish.

Symbolizes church leaders who love wealth and fame.


3.  The Great Sin of the high Priest <v43>

1) Use God’s prophecy for political gains.

2) Use God’s prophecy to justify the killing of innocent man.


4. So from that day on, the day of Jesus' crucifixion approaches! <v53-54>

* Maybe a person is born again, but there remains a lot of old bondages in his life and living

* What man can do, God will not help him do


5. Reflect upon two questions

1) What kind of a church leader are you?

2) What kind of a church leader are you following?