18/10/2020 [Book of John: Lesson 50]                                                                                                        www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


The Holy Son glorifies the Holy Father  <Jn 12:27-36>


1. The Lord Jesus was troubled. <v27>

1) The Paradox of Christianity.

2) Why was Jesus troubled?

2. Holy Son glorifies the Holy Father. <v28> 

1) Already Glorified.

2) Will glorify it again - Total submission, to the point of death). 

3. The Cross brings judgment on the World, and Satan was driven out. <v31>

Read <Col 2:14-15>


4. Only he who saw his sins through the Cross will come before Christ <v32> 


5. Christ has to die, then will be able to liberate His people. <v34> 


6. There is a limited time for Grace. <v35-36>