25/10/2020 [Book of John: Lesson 51]                                                                                                        www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


The Lord has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts 
<Jn 12:37-50>


1. The Jews rejected the message about Jesus is the messiah, and do not understand His power <v37-38>


2. The Jews could not believe <v39-40> 

(1) Amidst God’s eternal sovereign will, HE gave them over to hardening.

(2) These Jews are men who inherently suppress the truth by their wickedness.

Read <Ro 1:18>

(3) Ponder through: What is "blinded eyes and deadened hearts”?

3. True disciples do not hide their faith. <v42>


4. Reflect about the motives of our serving. <v43>


5. The Last Call. <v44>


6. The Father and Son are One. <44-45>


7. The most beautiful gospel will become the most terrible judgement who those who disbelieve. <v46-48>


8. The Son obeys the Father and enjoys His full authority. <v49-50>