22/11/2020 [Book of John: Lesson 55]                                                                                                        www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


Who is the betrayer? <Jn 13:31-38>



1. The Glory of the Cross. <v31-32>

1What God see as glorious, the World see as shameful.

2Judas do not understand, nor have any share in God’s glory.


2. The spiritually immature disciples do not understand why the Lord has to depart. <v33>


3. Love one another as the new commandment. <v34-35>

1The New Commandment that comes through Christ sacrifice for us.

2Supersedes the love of all kinship, intimacy and gratitude between men.

3The Presence of the Lord is revealed through love among Saints.

Read <Ps 133:1-2>


4. The weakness of Peter. <36-38>

1Peter is blessed, yet he doesn’t understand spiritual things.

Received the New Commandment, yet relied on Old Nature.

2Yet Peter and Judas were different.

3We especially need the love and intercession of brethren in our weakness.