21/3/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 65]                                                                                                      www.lifechurchmissions.com                    


Victorious in this world of tribulation <Jn 16:25-33>



1) How does the world face tribulation?

2) How should a Christian understand tribulation?

Read <Jn 16:25-33>


1. <Jn 16:25> You will personally come to know the Father.


2. <Jn 16:26> You will personally receive answers from the Father.


3. <Jn 16:27> The Father Himself loves you.

Ponder: How do you know the Father loves you?


4. <Jn 16:28> The summary of the Lord Jesus’ work on earth.


5. <Jn 16:29-31> As of now, the disciples still have not understood.


6. <Jn 16:32> The Father is with the Son, and they share an undivided salvational purpose.


7. <Jn 16:33>

1) Peace is only found in the Lord.

2) The significance of tribulations to Christians.

3) To receive victory together with the Lord.