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The Son Prays for Himself <Jn 17:1-5>



1. <Jn 17> : The High Priestly Prayer

2. <Jn 17Divided into 3 segments:

1The Lord Jesus prayed for Himself.

2The Lord Jesus prayed for the disciples.

3The Lord Jesus prayed for the believers of all ages.


Read <Jn 17:1-5>

1. The prayer of the Son shows that He is of the same honor, glory and equality with    

     the Father.

2. The prayer of the Son shows He shares the same concern and plan with the Father.

3. The intercession of the Son shows His submissive role.


<Jn 17:1> What is “glory”?

The Cross - God’s complete love and righteousness.


<Jn 17:2> The Authority of the Son

1) Able to have control over all men’s bodies and souls.

2) Able to grant eternal life.


<Jn 17:3> To know you the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent

Know = Ginosko =  Exclusive relationship


<Jn 17:4> The Son confirmed how He obeyed the Father


<Jn 17:5>

1) The Pre-existence of Christ shows that He wasn’t created.

2) Christ’s mission is only completed when He restores His antecede glory.

Read <Php 2:8-11>


** The chief end of Christianity is to glorify God through Christ.