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Complicated Matters in Marriage (3) - Words spoken between spouses. <Son 4:1-7; 5:10-16 7:4-5; Jas 3:5>


Read <Song of Solomon 4:1-7; 5:10-16>


1. Song of Solomon - The Romance between a man and woman.

* Satan has set up two plots in the sexual life of man.

1) The Bible does not devalue physical beauty and favorable impression.

2) In the favorable impression a couple can give to each other, words spoken are deemed as most critical.

Read < James 3:5>


2. Humans are hurt by words of reproach and disdain, and they bring this into their marriage subconsciously.

* Many people couldn’t run away from the words that hurt them, and they carry those hurtful words with them for their whole lives.

* The vicious and cutting remarks in a marriage will worsen these wounds.


3. Compliments and Criticism in a Marriage.

* There is no couple who doesn’t need compliment from each other, and there is no romance that can grow with criticism.

* Compliments don’t mean flattery.

* Not criticizing doesn’t mean not correcting.


4. Through sincere and truthful compliments, our spouse can be healed of their many wounds.