20/6/2021 [Book of John: Lesson 73]                                                                                                                                            www.lifechurchmissions.com                    

Who is guilty of a greater sin in the criminalizing of Jesus?. <Jn 19:1-16>



* 3 kinds of people are involved in bringing harm to Jesus.

1) Roman Soldiers

2) Pilate

3) Chief Priest

Read <Jn 19:1-16>


1. <Jn 19:1> The Roman Soldiers flogged and insulted Jesus.

Read <Isa 53:5>


2. <Jn 19: 2-3> The Rudeness and Brutality of the Roman Soldiers.


3. <Jn 19:4> Pilate could not find anything guilty about Jesus.


4. <Jn 19:5-6> The Chief Priests harbored pure hatred toward Jesus.


5. <Jn 19:6> Pilate consistently said he could not find Jesus guilty of any sin.


6. <Jn 19:7> Calling oneself the Son of God means claiming Himself to be equal with God.


7. <Jn 19:8> Pilate became even more afraid.


8. <Jn 19:9> Jesus made no defense for Himself.

Read <Isa 53:7>


9. <Jn 19:10> Concerning man’s authority.

1) There is no man’s authority that is not from God.

Read <Ro 13:1>

2) God gives man authority to do good, not evil.


10. <Jn 19:11> The one who handed Jesus over to Pilate was guilty of a greater sin.


11. <Jn 19:12> The weakness of Pilate was also the Idol in his heart – Caesar.


12. <Jn19:13> Pilate was about to place Judgment on Jesus, yet was the one who was to be judged by God.


13. <Jn 19:14-15> Those who do not acknowledge God as God, will acknowledge man as God.


14. <Jn 19:16> Pilate disobeyed his conscience for personal gain.



1) Must know how to exercise our authority rightly.

2) Do not continue to disobey our conscience.

3) What man has done to harm Jesus, we must seek to do the opposite in Christ.