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But You Will Receive Power. <Ac1:6-8>




* Two important factors before receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit


1) Clearly understand the deeds and teachings of Jesus


2) Clearly understand the things of the Heavenly Kingdom


Read: <Acts 1:6-8>


<Ac 1:6>: Disciples did not understand the nature of the Heavenly Kingdom and its relationship with the Holy Spirit.

* Revival - Political and territorial concept 

* Israel - Desire for a kingdom as a nation

* At this time - Desire to establish it now


<Ac 1:7>: The establishment of the ultimate Kingdom is not now, and it is not for you to know when .

* Knowing will not benefit your life

* Do not put the focus on the Kingdom to come, but on the Kingdom in the present


<Ac 1:8>: Holy Spirit → Power → Witness for Christ → From current location to ends of the earth.


1. About the Heavenly Kingdom.

1) God's Kingdom is spiritual in nature.


2) God's Kingdom comprises people from all nations.


3) God's Kingdom's expansion is gradual.


2. What is the power of the Holy Spirit?

1) Power to be preserved and strengthened by the Gospel.


2) Power to obey God no matter what.


3) Power to resolutely witness for the Lord.


4) Power to pass on the Gospel to the next generation.


5) Power to perform miracles, signs and wonders, and to heal, if God permits.