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Language given by the Holy Spirit - Tongues. <Ac 2:4-13; 1 Co 14:2,4-5,27>



* Today, many believers only seek the external signs of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

* The filling of the Holy Spirit will eventually bring about the regeneration and repentance of those who hear the gospel.


** Things concerning the filling of the Holy Spirit **

1) The disciples had previously received Lord Jesus' teachings clearly.

2) The revival of the disciples who were filled with the Holy Spirit during Pentecost was not something common.

3) At the moment when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, people who were prepared by God were already in the midst.

4) Here, the disciples spoke in other tongues.


1. The disciples spoke in tongues (languages of other nations) given by the Holy Spirit

1) It was not a result of the disciples drinking wine.

2) It was not a miracle of hearing but a miracle of languages.

3) It was not incoherent words, but words which people could understand.

4) It had supernatural power, and such power was in the contents of the words.


2. Views held by the charismatics concerning tongues mentioned in <Ac 2:4-13> and <1 Co 12-14>.

1) Object is different – one is spoken to man, one is spoke to God <1 Co 14:2>.

2) Nature is different – one is language understood by man, one is only understood after interpretation <1 Co 14:5,27>.

3) Purpose is different – one is for external signs, one is for edification <1 Co 14:4>.


3. Doubtful points in Charismatics’ explanation of tongues.

1) Greek Glōssa – the organ in a person’s mouth or the language in a person’s mouth, not gibberish.

* Greek herméneuó – interpretation or explanationusually used on languages

2) Although the two are in different in purpose, they have the same nature

* Assembly of God exegetist Stanley M. Horton: <Ac 2:4> and <1 Co 12-14>

* <1 Co 13:1> is using emphasis, not really the tongue of angels.

* <Ac 2:4-13> clearly pointed out disciples spoke other languages, not tongue of angels.


4. Why do the charismatics have such different understanding of the tongues from other denominations.

* Critical difference: Using <1 Co 12-14> to explain <Ac 2:4-13> vs using <Ac 2:4-13> to explain <1 Co 12-14>.

* Basically, one focus on the manifestation of gifts, one focus on careful exegesis.


5. The blessing of Pentecost reverse the curse of Babel.