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Everyone who Calls on the Name of the Lord will be Saved. <Ac 2:14-21; Joel 2:28-32>



* The entire human history is filled with the consequences (judgment) of human sin

* War, illnesses, plagues, natural disasters never stopped

* The 12 most devastating wars in human history – recent 400 years

* The 10 worst pandemics in human history – all happened after Christ

* Since the death and resurrection of Christ, mankind’s suffering points to “God’s salvation – Christ”

* Those who know this truth will recognise the urgency to spread the gospel.


1.<Ac2:15-16> Holy Spirit pre-worked in the hearts of men, and then prompted Peter to preach.

1) Two key points in the whole sermon:

  (1)  Judgment and salvation in the end days <Ac 2:14-21>

  (2)  Jesus as the Saviour, as Christ <Ac 2:22-36>

2) There was clear demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power in the preaching, on that day, 3000 repented and turned to the Lord.


2. Connection between <Ac 2:16-21> and <Joel 2:28-32>

1) What is happening now is what prophet Joel had prophesized.

2) Afterward => In the end days

3)  The LORD Christ


3. <Ac 2:17>

1) All people – all nations, not restricted to Jews.

2)  Pour out – Holy Spirit descending without holding back.

3)  Similar nature of prophecies, visions and dreams.

4)  Men, women, young and old who have received the Holy Spirit will become witnesses of Christ.


4. <Ac 2:18>

What the Holy Spirit convicted the male and female servants to prophesy is the Gospel that saves all nations.


5. <Ac 2:19> Wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below.

* Blood – human casualties

* Fire – burning of cities, the scenes of war

* Vapor of smoke – destruction of city


6. <Ac 2:20> The image of the day of the Lord’s second coming.

1)  Great changes in nature.

2)  Shockwaves through history (societal, political).


7. <Ac 2:21>Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

* In all great tribulations, God’s will is to save His elect.