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When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart. <Ac 2:37-41>



* The work of the Holy Spirit in a man’s inner heart cannot be imitated or replicated

* Charles Finney – anxious bench, using music to induce people to respond to God

* Billy Graham – Actual statistics of evangelistic crusades, compromise in later years

* Servants of God must remember two points:

Do not compromise the gospel truth for the sake of external revival

It is pseudo to use man’s methods to stir the hearts of man to repentance


1. <Ac2:37> Cut to the heart and response.

* Cut to the heart - the heart is agitated violently, like it is being seriously rebuked.

* What shall we do? – Truly repentant person does not remain in a state of remorse, but they want to do acts of repentance.


2. <Ac2:38> Proof and promises of salvation.

1) Repentance

2) Baptism

3) Forgiveness of sins

4) Receiving the Holy Spirit


3.<Ac2:39> For whom is God’s promise of salvation?

1) Children

2) All who are far off

** Those that God has called”

Called” is in the concept of church (Ekklesia)


4.<Ac2:40> Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.

1) Save oneself daily

2) Corrupt generation – Deviant (turning away from the true God) generation


5.<Ac2:41> Three thousand were added to their number.

* The pitfalls of modern-day churches focusing on numbers.