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Stephen was Subjected to Accusation <Ac 6:8-15>



* Stephen testified for Christ

* But people who opposed him twisted his words and accused him

* The world cannot accept the truthfulness, absoluteness and necessity of the Gospel 

* However, God was with Stephen

* The martyrdom of Stephen also indirectly enabled the Gospel to spread throughout the Roman Empire 

* Read <Jn 12-24> 


Read <Ac 6:8-15> 


1.  <v8>: Stephen was greatly used by God? 

(1) Full of God’s grace and power

(2) Performed great wonders and signs among the people


2.  <v9>: Jews from different places began to argue with Stephen

Read <Ac 21:39> 


3.  <v10>: Stephen had wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke

* It can also be said that Stephen spoke with wisdom from above 

Read <Lk 21:15> 

* Failed argument  

(1) Impulsive and arguing with the flesh

(2) Arguing philosophically and academically 

* Only when we speak with wisdom and the Holy Spirit, can we refute opponents 


4. <v11> The Jews accused Stephen of speaking blasphemous words against Moses and against God

(1) Jesus is above Moses

(2) Jesus is God

* It is evident that Christianity is not created from human culture, traditions or religion


5. <v12> Why only Stephen was arrested, but not the apostles? 

* Elders and teachers of the law seized him suddenly 


6. <v13-14> The ploy of those who seized Stephen

* They produced false witnesses

* Accused Stephen of speaking against the holy place and against the law

(1) Must understand: Jesus replaced the Temple

(2) Must understand: Jesus fulfilled the Law


7. <v15> Stephen’s face was like the face of an angel

* In the face of evil men, Stephen’s heart was guarded

* Even though Stephen was in the hands of sinners, his heart was filled with the glory of holiness 


* Reflect:

(1) Did we experience such help when we suffered persecution for the Lord?

(2) In our faith journey, did we put ourselves through real challenges?